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About Us
Advancing companion diagnostic-based
medicine as innovators across global markets.
Message from CEO

On behalf of our whole team, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to
all of you who are always committed and supportive of what we do at Abion.

With an endless dedication of R&D, Abion is moving forward with the mission to make find and
make possible key new drugs that can contribute to the well-being of present and future mankind.

Through strong partnerships with other leading domestic and foreign biopharmaceutical entities,
we will develop innovative drugs recognized in global pharmaceutical markets and focus our efforts on improving the quality of
life for patients suffering from rare and incurable diseases through successful clinical trials.

Therefore, we ask that you support us at Abion to help us become a global innovator of tomorrow’s drugs.

Shin Young Key
CEO, Abion Inc.

Dedicating endless research
and develop for innovative anticancer drugs,
treatments for CNS and infectious diseases
for the ultimate well-being of mankind.
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