Head and neck cancer drugs

The expression of the carcinogenic genes of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) results in variety of cancers, such as head and neck cancer, cervical cancer, and genital cancer.
ABN 301 is a new drug that cures cancer by simultaneously inhibiting the expression of the E6/E7 genes of HPV as a nucleic acid agent, and it can maximize its effectiveness by combined prescription with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

 Anti-E6/E7 siRNA

  • Development of siRNA agent as anticancer agent by inhibiting E6/E7 protein expressed in HPV (Human Papillomavirus) 16/18 type.

  • IP secured in 3 step; Hit – Candidate – siRNA Pool

differentiating characteristics of 

Anti-E6/E7 siRNA

  • Synergistic anticancer therapeutic effect according to the functional recovery of the tumor suppressor gene (TP53, Rb).
  • Sensitizer for combination treatment.
  • No off-target effect (OTE).

Current development stage

  • Current DDS selection and preparation of nonclinical trials.

Target indication

Development goals and strategies 

  • Development of targeted agent (first-in-class) to target HPV (+), which is leading cause of head and neck cancer.
  • Patient selection biomarker-based companion diagnostics.
  • US FDA approved.


  • Composition for Treatment of Cervix Cancer(KR, PCT, US)
  • Composition for Treatment of HPV-related Cancers(AU, BR, CA, CN, EP, IN, JP, KR, MX, PCT, RU, UA, US)
  • TP53's Dynamics and Regulation in Response to Single and Combination Therapy(PCT)
  • Sensitizing Composition for Cancer Comprising an Agent Inhibiting Expression of Oncogenes of HPV Virus(KR, PCT)