Stomach cancer drugs

Stomach cancer has the fifth highest incidence rate and the third highest mortality in the world.
ABN 401 is a candidate drug to treat stomach cancer due to abnormal kinase activation by efficiently inhibiting the activity of c-Met as a c-Met inhibitor.

 c-Met inhibitor

  • The amplification, overexpression or mutation of c-Met can be directly associated with the development and progression in various cancers as oncogenic transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase also known as HGFR (Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor) or MET.


 Differentiating characteristics compared to conventional materials

  • Superior target directivity.
  • Accurate patient targeting and therapeutic effect prediction through companion diagnostics.
  • Structure design in which moiety on renal toxicity is removed.
  • Good kinase selectivity.

Current development stage

  • Carrying out sample production and cross-ministry new drug development project with associated nonclinical trials.

Target indication

  • Stomach cancer

Development goals and strategies

  • Patient selection biomarker-based companion diagnostics.
  • Development of targeted therapeutic agent (best-in-class) without side-effects and off-target effects.

  • Designated as a diagnosis-based Breakthrough Therapy by the US FDA to shorten the period to obtain a license.



  • Novel Triazolopyrazine Derivative and Use Thereof (AU, BR, CA, CN, EP, IN, JP, KR, MX, PCT, RU, US)