CEO Greetings

Abion Inc. is a professional research and development company devoted to the development of new bio pharmaceutical drugs and companion diagnostics systems for the treatment of incurable diseases.


Abion was established as a biotech venture at Seoul National University in 2007. Since its foundation, the company has continued to make progress in conjunction with multiple national research projects by employing young, ambitious professionals to develop biopharmaceutical drugs, including protein drugs for multiple sclerosis, c-Met inhibitor for stomach cancer, and siRNA drugs for head & neck cancer.

Our slogan, Perpetual Pharmaceutical Pearl Provider, is a clear indication of our founding mission, and our aim is to discover, develop and successfully market new medical candidate substances through continuous research and development, thereby contributing to the welfare of humanity.

We have continued to build a strong patent portfolio by accumulating valuable intellectual property, which is essential in the creative economy. The company has built an IP infrastructure based on our portfolio, encompassing technology valuation, evergreening and patent dispute prevention strategies.

The development of new biopharmaceutical drugs and companion diagnostic systems is a high-risk business that requires tremendous time and investment. It is not an easy job for outstanding researchers and companies to develop new drugs on their own. To fulfill the demand in this era of technical convergence and customized medicine, Abion has continued to expand its joint research and technology development by creating networks with leading domestic bio-technology companies and international bio-research institutes, such as the Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, etc.

Abion will constantly strive to develop new biopharmaceutical drugs that are well recognized in the global pharmaceutical market and will succeed in licensing-out international patents in the near future. We will also continue to further strengthen our R&D capabilities as a global leader. Kindly give your interest and support to Abion of a growing small hidden champion.


We sincerely look forward to your continued interest and encouragement to Abion Inc.

Thank you. 


 Abion Inc.
Shin, Young-kee
President & CEO